Re: Plans for 2.8 - GNOME Managed Language Services?


> > MY understanding that all ECMA bits are unencumbered insofar as they
> > *must* be licensed under RAND terms. Is my understanding incorrect? RAND
> > is not great, but it is very possible that Novell could work some deal
> > with MS that would guarantee mono is clean. Heck, given the anti-trust
>   RAND is *not* sufficient. RAND means that there is no discrimination
> who you allow to buy a Licence and how much they pay. No Open Source
> project is gonna consider buying such Licence, this just doesn't work for us.
> The only unencumberance possible is having a statement that the licence
> is provided for free for anyone, and the only step I have seen from
> Microsoft about this is a mail posted 3 years ago from a Microsoft employee
> but not from the legal side stating they "will" do this. At this point
> as a free software/OSS developper I didn't see the proof that I could use
> the C# ECMA core freely granted by Microsoft.

Daniel, the ECMA components are RAND + Royalty Free.

But lets not waste our time on this discussion on the mailing list, for
legal matters, you should get legal counsel.  Have your lawyers engage
Microsoft on this topic, that is the only way of getting a solid answer.
A few corrections: it was not a message posted `3 years ago', it was
posted `1 year and 40 days ago', and the employee is the Microsoft
liaison to ECMA CLI and happens to head the .NET CLR group.


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