Re: Plans for 2.8 - GNOME Managed Language Services?

I have read all of your posts, and I think I understand your position
better -- although I don't completely agree.

With regards to RAND + royalty free that Miguel mentioned, no they
aren't perfect, but I consider it better situation than what Sun is
offering wrt Java. All we have from them is a history of not suing us.
I'm not sure I trust them either, given what SCO has done, and that they
wont give up total control of Java.

I think the only way to get a *real* solution/decision is for someone to
talk to Sun/IBM/RH/etc. and ask them what they would do if we
implemented ECMA CLR+CLI (there is also dotGNU/Portable.NET!), similarly
if we shipped a freeware JVM+Classpath. If they reaffirm they will not
support GNOME with those options then I guess then we can't have either
language. :(

That said I'm still a big fan of C/C++/Python!


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