Release Team Meeting 2004-03-25


Minutes For GNOME Release Team Meeting 2004-03-25

Present:             Missing:

Frederic Crozat      Jonathan Blandford
Murray Cumming       Andrew Sobala
Kjartan Maraas
Mark McLoughlin
Luis Villa
Jeff Waugh


  DONE: Luis and Andrew to send more bug lists

  DONE: Mark to remember to add the commit Jakub's final splashscreen
         before doing the gnome-session 2.6.0 release

  DONE: Mark to mail Owen, Alex and Jonathan to get input on whether the 
        gnome-vfs or gtk+ backend for the file chooser should be the 
        default for GNOME 2.6.0

  DONE: Kjartan to provide updated i18n stats for the release notes

  DONE: Mark to draw up 2.6.x schedule

  DONE: Mark to draw up 2.8.0 schedule

  ONGOING: Murray and Jeff to keep track of release notes and press 
           release progress

  PENDING: Jeff to mail Jody about lateness of control-center and 
           libgnomeprint releases
          (forgot to ask about this in the meeting. Just drop it?)

  PENDING: All to think about how the Release Team should look in future

  PENDING: Boston/Sydney people to come up with a better meeting time or 
           stop whinging :-)

  NEW: Jeff to do Release Notes screenshots over the weekend

  NEW: Luis to mail d-d-l about Know Issues for the release notes

  NEW: Jeff to upload start/2.6 and start/2.7 pages and add the schedules.

  NEW: Kjartan to send final i18n stats update to Murray before release

  NEW: Jeff to post release proposal next week
Decisions and discussion:

  * Release Notes/Press Release

	Everything is almost done here. Leslie is doing a revised press
release. Jeff will do screenshots this weekend. Known issues and module
list need to be updated.

  * Default FileChooser Backend

	Some confusion about what the default we actually went with was.
General agreement that both seemed equally (low?) risk in the end.

  * Future Role of the Release Team

	Rest of the meeting taken up discussing how to discuss this issue :/

	Jeff has a proposal for rethinking the way GNOME does releases. Mark
worried that the proposal will stir up unresolved tensions in the team
and that it would be better for the release team to briefly discuss the
proposal before Jeff posts so that the team understands one another
beforehand. Jeff worried such a discussion would make it appear like the
release team is making this decision even though we all feel very
strongly that any change like this needs to be made by general community
consensus and that the release team just services the mandate given to
it by the community.

	Jeff will post his proposal publicly next week, probably around the
1st/2nd of next month. (The 1st of April? Is he mad? :-)


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