Re: Plans for 2.8 - GNOME Managed Language Services?

On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 12:02, Murray Cumming wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 18:46, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > There's no reason for most language bindings to have both support for
> > GObject properties and setters and getters; the main reason we do it in
> > C is that property setting is not type safe, but there isn't even
> > a big performance advantage for going through the setter/getter; 
> > the property still has to be looked up to do change notification.
> I thought that some set_() functions do extra work, such as checking,
> but maybe I'm getting confused with signal-invoker functions.

In virtually all cases where there is duplication in GTK+, the property
functions simply call the setters/getters. In a few cases, things go the
other way (GtkFileChooser is the best example of this) - the
setters/getters simply use the properties.

I think you *are* getting confused with signals ... you can't replace
gtk_widget_show(widget) with g_signal_emit_by_name (widget, "show");


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