Re: Will we ship respun tarballs for 2.6.0? [Was: GNOME 2.6 Rescheduled]

On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 06:49:32PM -0500, Seth Nickell wrote:
> km4raas: dud3z HAX0R teh survur!!!
> __r0seM3NTH0S__: L0L!!! !
> chri5neum4ir: y lol??
> __r0seM3NTH0S__: HA HA!!! ph33r uS!!!!!!
> ^^0sKUrO^^: ROFL, tey R using old r3dcrap 6
> chri5neum4ir: w8, i have a h4ck 4 that!!
> AAg_a_n_a_d_i_s_tAA: HI GUYS, what up???? :~)
> ^^0sKUrO^^: LOL! chri5neum4ir si hacking the gnome server :-) :-)
> km4raas: GOT IT chri%?!?!?
> AAg_a_n_a_d_i_s_tAA: !!!K3WL!!!


This made my day (yeah, I read it quite late)

The #gnome-hackers cabal didn't know that the real dude is d4n1l0```, he
plotted this very successful s3kr1t plan for us :)

Go seth ;)
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