Re: Some more thoughts on Java vs Mono debate

>    Agreed. But don't you think it is a huge loss if we can't use many of
>    useful 3rd party libraries or tools built around Java or .NET for
>    compatibility reasons?

Yes, but my point is, C#/GNOME# is a perfectly usable language for GNOME
[ignoring any possible legal issues] even if MS does change things, and
we arent binding ourselves to them.

>    If we're to adopt either .NET or Java, to be able to take advantage of
>    industry support and  developer base behind each technology is very large
>    benefit IMO. If we have to rewrite many of the libraries already exist in
>    Java or .NET to use them in Linux/GNOME specific way, it'd be  wasting of
>    time and cause fragmentation of community which the original posting of HP
>    has mentioned.

I suppose -- but my point is it wouldn't be devastating, and really its
no different to the current situation with C etc -- most windows stuff
just doesnt run on Linux - with .NET we are already far ahead and as
most class libraries (which IMHO are the major part, as opposed to
entire applications) wouldnt have anything Windows Dependant unless
their structure/purpose is windows dependant in which cause its useless
on Linux Anyway.

>    Regards,
>    Xavier

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