Re: Some more thoughts on Java vs Mono debate

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 04:13, Xavier Cho wrote:
> 2004-03-30 화 17:39, Trent Lloyd이(가) 씀: 
> > This is kind of irrelevant
> > 
> > Whether the goal of achieving cross platform compatability is achived or
> > not, this doesnt stop it being used in its own Linux/GNOME specific way
> > and no changing of standards by microsoft will affect that
> > 
> > Mono isn't just a clone of .NET, it is its own thing.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Trent
> >
> Agreed. But don't you think it is a huge loss if we can't use many of
> useful 3rd party libraries or tools built around Java or .NET for
> compatibility reasons?

Wouldn't it be a huge loss if we couldn't use all those proprietary
C/C++ libraries out there in core GNOME?  Oh, wait...  ;-)

> If we're to adopt either .NET or Java, to be able to take advantage of
> industry support and  developer base behind each technology is very
> large benefit IMO. If we have to rewrite many of the libraries already
> exist in Java or .NET to use them in Linux/GNOME specific way, it'd
> be  wasting of time and cause fragmentation of community which the
> original posting of HP has mentioned.

But which is no worse than what we already have, since none of the
existing alternatives are comprised of widely-used cross-platform APIs
that most developers are familiar with (Python comes pretty close, tho;
that doesn't make up for its other severe failings however, mentioned in
related threads).  And with Mono or a Free JVM, at least we'd have the
advantage of those powerful language infrastructures.

> Regards,
> Xavier
Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com>
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