Re: GConf plans for 2.8

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
  * Allow notifications from backends:

At the moment gconfd itself notifies from operations which change values. This patch adds an API for backends which allows them to
    notice values have changed and inform gconfd. It will be useful
    for backends like the LDAP backend or if we figure out a sane
    way for the XML backend to notice files have changed and reload.

  * API to allow arbitrary stacks of sources:

The patch basically just adds the gconf_engine_get_for_addresses() API, but involves significant re-factoring of parts of GConf. The idea here is that we could make gconf-editor into a useful sysadmin tool which allows you to create new configuration sources and model how it would look when added to the default sources list.


Could these be used in combination with the Project Utopia stack to detect and add gconf sources on removable media? And later detect when they are removed...

Carrying around my gconf settings, etc. on a key drive would be pretty cool.


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