Re: Where we stand in regard to the future platform / desktop

2004-04-01 목 00:39, Larry W. Virden이(가) 씀:
Any reason that Java proponents could not strive to get a similar letter
from Sun regarding their APIs?

I suspect that such a 'public letter' from either corporation would be
worth about the cost of the paper used to print it...

I have noticed there're some subtle but fundamental differences in point of view between Java and open source developer community. There have been lot of talks on possibility of open sourcing Java. But it was found that many Java developers don't think a strict open source license like GPL would help much and they seem to be content with current JCP despite they tend to be bit slow on some of the matters.

However great many open source projects have been built around Java despite the fact that the most popular JVM remains proprietary, and almost two thirds of programmers in the world programs in Java right now.

BTW, isn't TCK available for free and could be used by any open source VM implmentators?


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