Documentation Day

Following the rampantly successful lead of bug days and love days, this
Sunday the 24th will be our first ever documentation day.  For those
that have been itching for a chance to help the Gnome Documentation
Project in its goal to take over the world, now's your chance!

Don't miss the festivities.  There will be beer[1], music, and dancing!

Here's how you can help:  Show up on #docs on GIMPNet ( on
Sunday.  Bring a fresh copy of emacs (or your text editor of choice),
and prepare to be greeted shamelessly by one of our fearless community
leaders.  If you want to write, we can give you something to write.  If
you want to review, we can give you something to review.  If you want to
hack (oh please!), we can give you something to hack.

But wait!  There's more!  Are you a lonesome maintainer of a wonderful
Gnome project?  Are you dismayed at your documentation, or do you just
think it could be made better?  We're here to help.  Drop by and give us
a TODO.  We'll set our eager staff to work immediately.

Don't miss this great oppurtunity.  This is your chance to mingle with
some real Gnome celebrities.  We may even get a visit from the venerable
John Fleck himself!

The fun begins whenever I wake up (approximately noonish, US central
time, adjusted for daylight savings).  We'll party until we pass out.


[1] Due to limitations in Internet technology and US export laws,
alcohol can only be provided for local participants.  Namely, me.

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