Re: Reminder - GNOME Foundation elections

<quote who="Linas Vepstas">

> > If you want to be able to vote or to be a candidate for the elections,
> > please apply for membership before October 31st, 23:59 UTC. There's only
> > 2 days left to apply before the membership committee closes the
> > applications for the elections. You can apply using the form at:
> Am I the only person who reads thier email once a week?  I was
> disheartened to find the above message in my mailbox, about 5 days after
> the gates closed ....

It's a repeated mail, thus 'reminder'. I think it was first sent out at
least a month ago. foundation-announce doesn't get a lot of mail, so you
should be able to track that very easily. :-)

- Jeff

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