Re: Reminder - GNOME Foundation elections

Le jeudi 06 novembre 2003, a 13:33, Mikael Hallendal a ecrit :
> ons 2003-11-05 klockan 20.55 skrev Vincent Untz:
> > I'm sorry for you, but this was a reminder. All information in the
> > reminder was already sent before [1]. I did not send the original
> > announcement to gnome-hackers because I really don't like cross-posting
> > and I supposed everyone interested in the GNOME Foundation is subscribed
> > to foundation-announce. The original announcement was also posted on
> > [2].
> Hum, isn't the foundation-list for members so I'd say if you wanted to
> just send to one list, gnome-hackers would have been a better choice?

The first announcement was sent to foundation-announce, foundation-list
and gnome-announce-list. Next time, it'll be send to gnome-hackers too.
If there's any objection, please speak up now :-)

If you want the committee to announce the elections anywhere else, just
tell us.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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