Running for the GNOME Foundation

Hey there,

I thought I'd write a mail - having seen the current number of
candidates for the 2003 elections and wondered 'Hrm, did we scare
potential candidates off?'.

The Foundation Board is an incredibly friendly place - okay, so the
first meeting was a little bit weird, but after that you get used to the
various voices [1]. We don't wear suits. Some of us wear purple laces.
But we're all there for the same reason - the passion for the GNOME
project, and we all desperately want it to succeed.

Yeah, we're all deeply serious in our candidacy statements. I think the
GNOME Foundation is going to take on a pretty important role during the
next year - we're going to see some pretty big deployments of GNOME,
and, to go along with it, some pretty amazing announcements. But most
importantly, we're also going to have fun while we're doing it. If there
wasn't fun involved, I can guarantee we wouldn't be here right now.

So, if you're passionate about GNOME, please think about being a
Foundation board member - you don't necessarily have to have experience,
or read up on a bunch of Harvard books to fit the role. Typical duties
of a board member are mentioned in -

Having new people with new ideas is healthy for the project and
especially for the board.


[1] Okay, you'll never quite get used to Jeff, but I think he's an
    exception to the rule.

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