Candidacy: Jonathan Blandford

Name:          Jonathan Blandford
Email:         jrb gnome org
Affiliation:   Red Hat, Inc.


I am a long-time member of the GNOME community, and an employee of Red
Hat, Inc.  Having been active on the Board for two years and treasurer
for the past year, I am aiming to serve again.


Hi, I'm Jonathan.  My experience in the GNOME community is as follows:

 * Current Treasurer for the GNOME Board
 * Member of the Board for two years.
 * Active contributer to the GNOME Project over five years.

Being treasurer has been enlightening.  It has taken some time for me to
fully come to grips with all the nuances involved.  Moving to the Boston
area has given me much more of an opportunity to keep in contact with
Tim Ney, our Executive Director.  Being treasurer from a different state
was very hard -- it has proven invaluable to be able to go over the
books in person.

For the coming year, my main goal is to make GNOME more financially
secure.  I aim to build an endowment, so that we will always have the
funds to sponsor events such as GUADEC regardless of the fluctuations in
the world economy.  I want to make sure that we end the board this year
in a better financial state than we started it.


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