Candidacy: Sri Ramkrishna

Name: Sriram Ramkrishna (sri to my friends, enemeies, and everyone else)
Email: sri aracnet com
Affiliation: Intel Corproation


Having been convinced to run.  I'm running for Foundation Board of
Directors.  I believe my background as a softare engineer at Intel
Corporation will provide experience and a different outlook from others
who have backgrounds more devoted directly to Linux and the desktop.

I'm also a damn good socialite. :-)


Has noted above I work as a Unix Systems Engineer at Intel working with
microprocesor designers for the past 7 years.  I've been working on
Unix Computer systems since the late 80s and have dealt with a variety of
different kind of systems.

Ive been involved with GNOME since nearly the beginnign probably sometime
after the 0.5 release.  So about 5 years or so.

Contributions to GNOME:

* This year, not a lot.  I hosted the GNOME booth at OSCON using my own
  money.  (sorry Tim Ney, no need to give me a refund. :-)

* I've done some patches here and there, but mostly I do evangelizing and
  promotion wherever I go.  While I generally I can convince people to
have interest.  Strangely, not with my family.  Go figure.

* Also help answer newbie questions on IRC when I know the answer.


You're going to have forgive me on this.  As I said earlier, I hadn't
quite planned on running but apparently people seem to like the idea of me
running. :-)

The short answer is that I believe we need to continue with making the
desktop an easy to use experience.  Make working on Unix a dream.  That
means working on getting things like DBUS into our framework, implementing
HAL etc.

We need to continue to evangelize GNOME in companies.  Especially now with
Europe, Latin America, and Asian countries moving towards Free Software.

Finally I think we need to get more developers and people interested in
the foundation.  Just from our current list of candidates we see that we
do not have enough candidates.  That might be a signal that interest is
waning or people are not feeling encouraged to join and participate.


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