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Just got this from a chap wanting to reference the HIG in his thesis...
anyone know if there's a Harvard-Referencing-System-compliant way of
citing web-based internationally-collaborative documents? :) If not, do
we (or should we) recommend some other standard way of citing GNOME
project docs in things like this?


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Dear Mr. Benson
My name is Carlos Lorenzo and am a student completing a Degree in Multimedia at the Univeristy of Gloucestershire, UK. I am writing to ask if I could refer to the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (1.0) for one of my assessments. The assessment concerned is about researching into Usability Principles and I found this article very useful and relevant. 
If you authorise me to refer to this article may I have the following information as I cannot find them and need them to adhere to the Harvard Referencing system.
* Place of Publication
* Name of Publisher
I thank you and await your reply.
Yours sincerely,
Carlos Lorenzo
s0206752 glos ac uk

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