Re: Questions for candidates


> Well, how many people will want to run software that's going to be a
> dead certain patent infringement lawsuit invitation?

Not as many people who want something that 'Just Works' ;)

> In countries where software patents are a current reality the act of
> distributing and using GNOME if it carries unlicensed ideas (puke, agh..
> gahh... just the thought of it) may be a serious problem.

Absolutely, and I'm completely aware of that. I wasn't advocating us to
go off and use some patented code. I was advocating that we need to be
in a situation where a user doesn't have those worries. We're slowly
getting there, and like most things, it takes time.

> This is not a secondary issue... and video codecs are not the only
> software patent problems (remember spring-loaded folders?)!

Yes, I'm quite well aware of that. Thank you.


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