Re: Questions for candidates


> So it is now over a week since Telsa posted these. Ballots go out in a
> few days and only three people have sent in answers. This doesn't leave
> a lot of time for debate. :-(

Okay, so now that I'm done with answering the questions, time to ask
some questions ;)

As mentioned in a bunch of people's statements of last year's board
candidates, they almost all share the 'we didn't achieve much'
implication. Did we actually achieve something as a foundation this
year? What is the perception out there for this year's successes and
failures? Sometimes it's pretty hard to know if we're doing the right
thing - since the foundation is pretty much a thankless task.

Sun, like many other companies I'm sure, has this set of goals for each
year - more often than not, a simple list of 10 big goals which are
pretty well mapped out. I feel that the GNOME Foundation should also
adopt this idea, and create a public list of 10 things that the
Foundation wants/needs to achieve for the coming year. It would not only
give a good indication of the progress being made by the board each
year, it would also be a good indication of where we're going, and how
we're doing as a project. What would those 10 big goals be?

Discuss ;)


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