RE: Questions for candidates

> You see, what got me worried is that we seem to be making 
> public pronouncements at well-publicized events such as 
> GUFOURDEC that the above definition is the current picture of 
> GNOME culture. Having worked in the GNOME project for the 
> last three years, this view came as a surprise to me at the 
> GU4DEC presentation.

As someone familiar with the GNOME community, I hope that you see the
difference between where the buck stops and where you can have a say.

> If the above definition is not true, and 
> the GNOME culture is more inclusive, >>especially the 
> directional strategy part of the culture<< then that is what 
> we should be saying to the public. There was a Dutch lady 
> sitting behind me at the presentation, I believe she was an 
> EU representative, and she made a point along the lines of: 
> "This culture is very closed and inward-looking, and will 
> restrict the broader acceptance of the GNOME Desktop".

I don't know whether I'm addressing the same issue, but the GNOME community
is both inward looking and outward looking. There are strong ties inside the
community while we reach outside at the same time. Without such
inwardly-looking stuff as the cult of pants then we wouldn't be as much of a
community. We can do it all.

> Also, if a 
> respected speaker can make a presentation at the main annual 
> GNOME event, which paints a picture around the above 
> definition, and on the other hand respected members of the 
> community can come forward and reassure me that this picture 
> is not accurate, then there is a discontinuity in our shared 
> values and community vision. 
> Sorry for stirring the pot, but this is election time, 

Does anybody actually feel disenfranchised? Do any individual or corporate
entites feel that their voices are not being heard? Bear in mind that we are
not going to implement a color-reactive desktop because we are all about

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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