Hi all,

Currently the GIMP developers are on the hunt for a location and
a date for the 2004 developers conference. As some of you
probably know, we didn't have a conference for a couple of years,
and I think that contributed to the length of time between major
releases. For those who don't know, we're nearly ready to unleash
the GIMP 2.0 now.

Someone (ok, it was me) suggested that GUADEC would be an ideal
opportunity to have the conference, mainly for financial and
organisational reasons. Would there be interest in perhaps having
a graphics stream in guadec 5, and hosting the GIMP developers
conference at the same time? If so, who should I contact to
discuss it in more detail?


David Neary,
E-Mail: dneary free fr
TÚl: 04 78 58 08 83

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