Re: Desktop Integration Bounty Hunt

<quote who="Marc Maurer">

> I was wondering if the "Desktop Integration Bounty Hunt" was a GNOME
> Foundation initiative? And if so, was there any previous communication
> about it?

It's a Nat initiative. ;-)

The $ was sponsored by Novell/Ximian, and the Foundation is supporting the
Bounty Hunt by distributing the $. There was some controversy as to whether
this was a good idea or not, but at the end of the day, we needed to try it
out to find out for sure. Other projects have had great success with these
kinds of things, btw.

This was not directly mentioned in Board minutes previously, however it is
certainly within the scope of the Foundation's charter, and we have
distributed funds for other projects before, including Gnumeric. Yes, this
is slightly more controversial due to the competition behind it, but it
still comes down to the Foundation distributing money to the community, for
a sponsor.

Good luck to everyone participating in the bounty hunt! :-)


- Jeff

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