Re: Request for permission for Logo usage

<quote who="Sayamindu Dasgupta">

> We at GNOME-India ae working on a website (initial beta skeleton at
> I would like to know whether GNOME-India is
> regarded as a part of the GNOME Foundation. If no, we would like to ask
> for permission for using the GNOME Foot Logo in our site. Otherwise, our
> use without permission will set a precedent - which may cause difficulties
> later.


GNOME India is not part of the GNOME Foundation (due to tax reasons in the
US, where the GNOME Foundation is founded), but it is most certainly a
member of the international family of GNOME user and developer groups! :-)

I will clarify whether individual board members may grant permission for
trademark usage, but here's a tentative "YES OF COURSE!" from me.


- Jeff

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     "First: This is not a race." - Jody Goldberg on the Free Software

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