Re: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3: "That and a pair of testicles."

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 10:30:26AM -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> and if you can't, ask on the fundation list before for a minimal review,
> I just can't believe this went through without anyone blocking such
> a bad release name !

 This may not be obvious but the goal of my post is to get this
fixed at a process level. I think the release comitee is ultimately
responsible for selecting the name. I can give the example of Red Hat 
where finding the name of the next release is built like a collective
challenge with rules for selecting such a nam, and people are asked
(in advance) to propose such names, where the final one is selected
by the people doing actually the release. There is a number of good
points about such a process:
- it is one less thing the release people have to do to generate a release
- it challenges the community and raise awareness about the upcoming release
- at least one person is happy because his/her suggestion was selected
- since this is done in advance we can use the name for the release
  which can be nicer than "the upcoming 2.5.X" when communicating about it
- since there are rules about release names, a number of people who
  don't know about the rules try to reverse-engineer the reason for
  the name, this can be actually quite funny !

 Building a process for selecting release name can actually be *fun*
and generate momentum, awareness and collectivity sense !


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