Re: Memorial Fund

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 08:40, Jim wrote:
> Recently, Metro Detroit Linux Users Group lost a friend Safedin
> Kajoshaj. He passed away at the age of 20. 
> He was a huge GNOME fan and didn't go a day without bleeding edge. He
> was a self confessed geek at heart.
> The LUG has discussed it and we think the best way to honer him would be
> to set up a memorial fund. This requires that the doners be thanked for
> their contributions in some way and the family be notified.
> Is this possible? 

 I personally feel Gnome should setup a fund for all gnomers who have
passed away. Sadly we have lost quite a few good people and the best way
to thank them would be to help gnome in any way we can. A fund would be
nice, but might be a bit out of scope. If the foundation decided that a
fund was indeed a good idea, I would be willing to set one up.

Sean Harshbarger
harshy dersoldat org

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