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On Freitag 13 Februar 2004 00:40, Leslie Proctor wrote:


due to that my father died last week on friday and we have held the funeral 
yesterday, I am forwarding all the mails I received regarding any KDE related 
issues to kde-ev-vorstand kde org and I would like you to use that address 
for now. My colleagues in the board will take care of those issues in the 
meantime while I am busy helping my brother with my father's business and my 
mother to overcome the great loss of our beloved dad.

Thank you for your understanding.

> --- Sri Ramkrishna <sri aracnet com> wrote:
> > A joint press release condemning the whole matter
> > might be good.
> >
> > sri
> No - that would only stoke media fires we've been
> working for years to put out.  It's better to work
> through back channels.  If as many of us as possible
> contact someone we know from KDE and ask them to help
> us resolve the issue, we should be able to resolve it.
> Leslie
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