Re: GUADEC: Abstract submission deadline extended

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 05:28, Dave Neary wrote:
> ** Abstract acceptance date extended to Friday 20th (for those in a hurry) **
> Hi all,
> A number of people who had planned on submitting abstracts for GUADEC, but who 
> had the misfortune to be in the US over a holiday weekend, missed the Monday 
> deadline and by a general consesus among the organisers, it has been decided to 
> extend the date for acceptance of abstracts to Friday the 20th of February (as 
> usual the deadline is midnight, UTC for those who like to leave it late).

So after six weeks or so to prepare, they missed one day due to a
holiday and the deadline gets extended by a week? Hmmm.


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