Re: Licensing and copyright

> But there are good reasons to assign copyright to the FSF, a US-based
> non-profit organization.  Basically, if enforcement of the GPL by legal
> means ever become necessary, and there are a large number of loosely
> affiliated or unaffiliated copyright holders, it may require the
> cooperation of every copyright holder of disputed code in order to
> successfully bring about an action.  The cooperation, as you mention, of
> potentially hundreds pf contributors, with differing meaning of
> copyright, in a number of countries.  So there are very good reasons to
> do this copyright transfer, especially if you aren't interested in
> legally defending your copyright as vigorously as the FSF would.

Thanks, but most of us do not need the "protection" of the American laws.

Gathering Gnome free software under ONE SINGLE legal body, under the umbrella 
of the AMERICAN laws, is SUICIDE. I hope that it can never happen to Gnome.

The constitutional rights in our respective countries suffice. Furthermore, in 
most countries outside the U.S., there is no danger for free software.

Please note that I am not a Gnome Developer and that I only speak for myself.

Cheers, Jean-Michel

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