Re: Licensing and copyright

Le Lundi 23 Février 2004 17:30, George a écrit :
> Disney's been dead for some time too and he still manages to sue people.

Do you mean people should donate their code to the FSF California to avoid 
Peter Pan fighting against Mickey Mouse? 

You see, I am only a small penguin from Antarctica. It is a long journey to 
swim-up from my country to California.

So the question is: 

Does the penguin swim fast enough to reach California on time?

If the penguin does not reach California coast on time, the FSF may loose 
automatically in court.

[Commercial: don't wanna get shot? Carry two guns, not a single one.]

On the converse, if the penguin reaches Californian coast on time, the world 
will be safe, at least for 1000 years.

Find out more in the next episode of "Swim, Swim, Penguin".


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