Re: Licensing and copyright

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 10:36 +0100, Jean-Michel POURE wrote:

> > If the FSF went evil and took all the code people had assigned and made
> > it proprietary, they would be breaking their promises in the assignment
> > contract.  If the contract was voided then the ownership of the code
> > would revert to the original owner, which would mean they had no right
> > to change the license on the code.
> Again, the GPL and the FSF have proved very efficient and are not at stake.
> The following [remark was] brought to your attention:
> [2] In the event of the FSF going bust (after a court battle for example), the 
> judge may not be bound to the FSF contracts. In certain circumstances 
> (terrorism, war, the FSF going bust, etc...), a judge may be able to rewrite 
> the FSF contracts and sell its assets to the most offering company.

Since when are judges allowed to rewrite contracts? If judges in your
country are allowed to do so, I suggest that you consider a relocation.

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