Re: Licensing and copyright

Dear Alexander,

I am just quoting two answers to avoid filling the list. Do not hesitate to 
contact me privately for further discussion.

> It is possible that you will be extradited before traveling
> willingly . . .

Recently, two French guys were arrested after pronouncing jokes in planes. But 
they were on the soil of the United-States.

Fortunately, not a single European country extradicts its citizen. 

> Of course. I doubt that any citizen wishes to pay the legal fees
> necessary in complex cases involving intellectual property.

I don't really care about Peter Pan fighting against Mickey mouse in a distant 
country with foreign laws, be it in the United-States. Of course, I respect 
my local laws.

The guarantees offered by the FSF to non-US residents have not been studied 
enough. Please, ask for advice to a professor in law and publish a real 


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