Minutes From Board Meeting (Feb 23, 2004)

 Minutes For Board Meeting: 9 February, 2004
	Luis	(chair)
	Malcolm	(minutes)



Meeting started: 20:30 UTC

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Completed Action Items (from last minutes):
	ITEM:   Jeff is to put board confidentiality policy up on the
	        foundation website.

			- http://foundation.gnome.org/legal/

	ITEM:   Jeff and Glynn are to send mail to appropriate lists
		(gnome-announce, ...) requesting items that can go into
		the GNOME FTP repository for general promotional use.

			- http://mail.gnome.org/archives/marketing-list/2004-February/

	ITEM:   Luis to talk to Andrew Hutton to get details about
		proposed Desktop Summit.

			- No details available yet. Andrew will keep us

	ITEM:   Tim to send board's comments on latest trademark draft
		back to lawyers for another revision.

			- New draft circulated to board.

	ITEM:   Jeff to talks with Luke Stroven about replacement
		hardware for gnomedesktop.org.

Continuing Actions:
	ACTION: Jeff will pull together a web page of links to
		as many of the local groups as he has information for.

			- Jeff spent some time helping get some more
			  local groups up and running this week instead.
			  A fair trade.

	ACTION: Jeff, Nat and Malcolm are to write the surrounding
		portions of the roadmap to fill things out. Jeff is to
		work on the "universal access" portion, Nat on
		"collaboration" and Malcolm on the "mission outline"
		sections. These will be initially posted to board-list
		and then quickly merged and moved onto foundation-list
		for wider input.

	ACTION: All board members need to participate in discussion on
		board-list in an effort to try and prioritise our goals
		for the coming year.

	ACTION: Leslie will create a press release discussing the
		international involvement in GNOME from country-specific

			- Content is written. Release pending the fixing
			  of Leslie's internet connection.

	ACTION: Jody to post to board-list a brief summary of salient
		points from his trip to Korea last year.

	ACTION: Tim to talk to credit card clearance agent about a
		processing setup appropriate for GNOME Foundation

			- Agent can provide a service closer to what we
			  are after. Tim now has to talk them about
			  pricing and specifics.

New Actions:
	ACTION: Tim to write an initial draft of layman's explanation of
		trademark agreement and circulate to board list.

	ACTION: Malcolm to organise agenda and announcement of Advisory
		Board meeting (and organise phone numbers with Glynn).

	ACTION: Tim to send description to board-list of where the
		GUADEC organisers see any registration fees being used.

	ACTION: Tim to take board discussions about registration fees
		back to the GUADEC organising committee (they are
		meeting this week).

Items from previous minutes:
	(a) Foonotes hardware
		- Jeff talked to Luke Stroven about replacement hardware
		  for gnomedesktop.org. Unfortunately there was not time
		  in the meeting to cover the details of these
		  conversations, so this item has been postponed to next
		  meeting (or possibly to the mailing list).

	(b) Trademark agreement
		- The lawyers sent another draft of the trademark
		  agreement back and this has just been circulated to
		  the board.

	(c) Replacement cvs.gnome.org machine
		- Jonathan did some work on this last weekend and some
		  mail has been sent mail to the gnome-sysadmin list
		  detailing the current status.

		- It was decided that due to time constraints imposed by
		  the pending GNOME 2.6 release, the migration of CVS to
		  the new machine will be postponed until after 2.6 is
		  released. The current CVS machine will be able to
		  handle the capacity for a bit longer.

New business:
	(a) Upcoming Advisory Board meeting
		- Malcolm will send out notification in about a week to
		  Advisory Board members regarding the next meeting
		  (scheduled for 11 March).

		- Since some discussion of the agenda and preparation
		  for this meeting seems to be required, the board
		  elected to have a special meeting next week to
		  complete this task.

	(b) Meeting times
		- Luis advised that he has a regular clash with our
		  current meeting time. We need to discuss a possibly
		  different time or day (on the mailing list).

Meeting closed at 21:35 UTC 

Next meeting: 1 March, 20:30 UTC (on IRC)

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