Secret GNOME Release Team technology revealed!

Greetings fellow Swedish (and wannabe-Swedish) conspirators!

Have you ever wondered if some people are actually ROBOTS, living among us,
but we can't tell? Have you ever wondered how they make SOLID ICE CREAM for
astronauts? Have you ever wondered why VELCRO sticks to your beard, but not
your cat? Are you already wondering what on Earth all of this has to do with
the GNOME Release Team?

Wait no longer! The Release Team has finally been given clearance from our
Swedish overlords to unleash one of our amazing FORMERLY-SECRET technologies
on the planet... The FTP Release List! More information from the Mailman
info page:

  FTP upload notifications for packagers, the release team and insane users
  Automated messages are sent to this list when maintainers upload new
  tarballs to the FTP site. This is primarily of use to packagers and the
  release team, but some users who have unhealthy dependencies on bleeding
  edge software have been known to show an interest in such information.

You can check it out and even subscribe here:

Rock on, co-conspirators!

- Jeff

     "Perdon; estoy buscando mis pantalones." - Luis Villa's Essential      

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