ANNOUNCE: fontilus-0.3 and nautilus-rpm-0.1

I have just put out a new release of fontilus and the first release of nautilus-rpm. They are available from:

The new version of fontilus is a minor update to work with the new thumbnail configuration in the latest libgnomeui release. If you have the latest libgnomeui, font thumbnailing should be enabled after installing fontilus.

Nautilus-rpm is a set of tools for viewing the package database on an RPM based system. It consists of:

   * rpmdb:/// gnome-vfs method, to view installed package database
   * nautilus view for viewing package information (both installed and
   * a properties page to find out what package a file belongs to.

Nautilus-rpm requires rpm >= 4.0 (although I have done most testing on 4.1). There is no support for installing, upgrading, removing, verifying or checking signatures yet. This is planned for a future release.


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