GARNOME 0.20.0: "Back in the Pan"

GARNOME 0.20.0: "Back in the Pan"

GARNOME - the bad-ass, bleeding edge GNOME distribution for testers and
tweakers everywhere. If you're dying to test the latest GNOME development
releases, but don't want to fall into the depraved addictions and
co-dependencies of testing from anonymous CVS, then GARNOME is for you.

[ In other words, GARNOME is a build tool for GNOME which includes the
developer platform and desktop releases, as well as a host of other kickarse
software. Everything is as easy to build as 'make install'. We call it a
'distribution' because it's sanity-tested and often patched before release,
for your convenience, enjoyment and testing pleasure! ;-) ]

What's New?

  * Updated to GNOME 2.2 RC1 (2.1.90) releae.
  * New: gnome-vfs-sftp, libglademm, regexxer, xine-lib.
  * magicdev is now built from phoebe sources.
  * totem has been updated to 0.13.1, as we now include xine-lib.

  * (This release is bloody huge because I've included a Galeon patch to
    update it to current CVS.)

Where Do I Get It?

The tarball and documentation [1] are available on the GARNOME website:

Enjoy! :-)

- Jeff

[1] People who don't read the documentation tend to look pretty silly on
garnome-list and in #garnome.

       "In the beginning was the word, and the word was content-type:       
                        text/plain" - Martin Schulze                        

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