gtk-engines 2.2.0 released

gtk-engines 2.2.0 is now available from:

gtk-engines is a package containing a number of basic
theme engines for GTK+. 

 Pixmap: A generic engine that renders using pixmaps.
   Themes using this engine can be found at

 Metal: A fairly complete theme engine that looks like 
   the Java-Metal look of Swing.

 Redmond95: A simple theme engine that looks a bit like 
   Microsoft Windows 95.

This release works in conjunction with GTK+ version 
2.0.0 or greater.

Overview of Changes in 2.2.0 (since 1.9.0)
* Add a .pc file [Seth Nickell]
* Various crash fixes [Luca Barbato, Hongli Lai, 
  Shivaram Upadhyayula, Peter Zelezny]
* Build fixes [Havoc Pennington]
* Metal theme drawing improvements [Owen Taylor]
* Improve installation docs [Owen, Piotr Sawuk]

17 January 2003

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