DiaSCE 1.3


DiaSCE (David is a Simple Code Editor) is a C/C++ code editor for GNOME. It
pretends to be a complement to Glade, so it doesn't include an environment
for GUI's development.It has neither a debugger. The idea is for it to be a
light code editor that doesn


- Updated the user manual
- Now, when libglade is used, glade creates a file whit the trasnslatable
- An entry in the toolsbar allows a fast search in the document with
keyboard shorcuts (F3, Control+F3, Shift+F3).
- Now an icon is shown when an errors is selected in the messages windows
that shows the selected line
- A bug in the text coloring is fixed, now character bigger than one byte
don't affect text coloring.
- In the preferences windows, in the color selection, there are
checkbuttons to select bold and italic fonts.
- Now there is an option in the preferences windows to show line numbers.
- A new "gettext" tab in the project properties allows to insert all the
linguas the project supports.
- The configure script autodetecs the system type and creates a specific
- The user libs are checked by configure before adding them to the link
- Added the option to search backwards
- Saved the state upon exit (open windows... etc), to restore it next time
the user enters.
- Added double-click event to glade GUI widgets. If they have only 1
callback, jump to the callback body. If they have more callbacks, popup a
- Removed some obsolete widgets
- Added a tooltip with the widget name to glade GUI widgets.
- A new window to add files allows to add files to the sources, data, docs
and pixmaps directorys.
- Now external files can be opened in a read only mode.
- A basic and very easy to use CVS support has been added.
- An entry in the help menu has been added to acces the html DiaSCE
- The .pot file is regenerated when the make, run and make dist comands are
- An option to change the fonts is now abailable in the preferences


- Fixed a bug in the GUI tab. Now it's correctly refreshed.
- Fixed a bug in the About... window
- The option to change the background color works again.


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