ANNOUNCE: gtk-doc 1.0


gtk-doc 1.0


gkt-doc is used to document the API of the GTK+ and GNOME libraries. 


gtk-doc 1.0     (Jan 20 2003)

 o Use the sgml-raw output type for openjade, so the resulting HTML
   is readable by the lynx web browser.
 o Added a pkg-config file, so apps can easily check for the gtk-doc
 o Added support for 'Since:' and 'Deprecated:' version information
   for each function.
 o Updated DSSSL stylesheet customization so output from SGML & XML
   modes is the same. 
 o Fixed problem with malformed UTF-8 characters.

gtk-doc 0.10	(Nov 14 2002)

 o --output-format option to select whether SGML or XML is generated. 
 o Use openjade or jade when converting SGML to HTML.
 o Use xsltproc to convert XML to HTML, with a new look.
 o In XML mode, support XIncludes as an alternative to entities.
 o In XML mode, create .devhelp files. 
 o List interfaces in the object hierarchy.
 o Create docs for signals on interfaces.
 o Generate links between interface and their implementations and
 o Create docs for child and style properties.
 o Use blurbs for property documentation.
 o Allow inline documentation for signals and properties. 

Thanks to Matthias Clasen for most of the above, and James Henstridge
for help with the XML/DSSSL stuff.



PS. The jump to the '1.0' version number is mainly to work around
problems with the old example makefiles (they can't handle 0.xx).
So don't get too excited!

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