ANNOUNCE: GSwitchIt 2.0.2 "Happy birthday friend" for GNOME 2

GSwitchiIt toolkit v2.0.2 "Happy birthday, friend" for GNOME 2

There is major restructuring in the non-standard switching key support.
Now GSwitchIt does not do any key grabbing (in gswitchit_applet) - just
patching low level XKB structures (in xkb-properties-capplet). So more
correct code, more stable behavior etc.

The applet is a standalone app again, not shared library. Michael Meeks
was so convincing...:)

A lot of translations (thanks to Gnome Translation Project) and new
flags. Now, the distribution also includes the GIMP script for creating
new flags (thanks to Alan Horkan).

All the secondary layout processing code gone into libxklavier.

Some minor bugs were fixed too.

Important note: all the bug reports for this release should be put into
GNOME bugzilla, not sourceforge one.


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