Sodipodi 0.29 has been released

Eh, oh... yes, it is...

What is Sodipodi?

Vector drawing program.

What's New

Sodipodi 0.29 release notes

This is the first version using Gtk+ 2.0 widget set and updated support
libraries. So it is probably quite buggy inside and out.

The number of required libraries has come down considerably. Most
importantly you do not need gnome libraries anymore, libgnomeprint and
libgnomeprintui are optional. Thus building it should be much easier.

This version should compile on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. The support is
still in very early phase of development, so it may require some
tweaking, depending on actual build system used.

Highlights (in the order of Changelog):

    * Port to Gtk+ 2.0 (Mitsuru)
    * Removed libgnome, libgnomeui, libgal dependencies, reimplement 
      missing pieces (Mitsuru)
    * Gnome print support is now compile time option (Lauris)
    * Smooth canvas scroll (Lauris)
    * Initial direct PostScript print implementation (Lauris)
    * Windows32 port (Lauris)
    * Support GtkIM in text context (MenTaLguY)
    * Fixed namespace loading code (MenTaLguY)
    * Optional loading of Xft font database (Lauris)
    * Control constrains draw to 15 degrees instead of 90 (Nathan)
    * Fixed linear grid snapping code (Nathan)
    * Allow multiple toolboxes and toolbox docking (Lauris)



Lauris Kaplinski
Tartu, Estonia

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