ANNOUNCE: gcalctool v4.2.43

Hi all,

The gcalctool release 4.2.43 codenamed "tire kicking time" is now available.

* Description

  gcalctool is a desktop calculator with basic, financial and scientific
  modes. It uses an internal multiple precision package to do its arithmetic 
  to give a high degree of accuracy.

* News

  This release brings to you a version that is much more GNOMEish. It's
  basic mode is much simpler to use. Numerous bugs have been fixed. It's
  UI has been revised with the help of one of the GNOME HCI engineers.
  See the ChangeLog for more details.

  Note there are three things that are currently being worked on:

  1/ Online help - Breda McColgan will be generating online help for
     gcalctool very soon (bug #104821).
  2/ Tooltip help - until the online help is in place, there is extensive
     tooltip help for gcalctool. Some of them are huge (bug #101784).
  3/ Entering a new constant/function - the UI for this functionality will be
     revamped in the next week or so to make it simpler to use (bug #104249).

* Resources

  The latest gcalctool sources are available in GNOME CVS as module

  There is a source .tar.gz of v4.2.43 available at:

  Simple basic mode and scientific screen screenshots can be found at:

* Acknowledgments

  I'd like to thanks the following people for their help in getting gcalctool
  into shape:

  Calum Benson for his UI makeover.
  Dennis Cranston and Andrew Sobela for help with the curly bugs.
  Glynn Foster for some UI suggestions.
  Padraig O'Briain for help with the keyboard accelerators.
  Hidetoshi Tajema for I18N work.
  Christian Rose for localization work.

  (Apologies if I've missed anyone).

Have at it. Comments to me and/or to the desktop-devel mailing list.
Bugs into Bugzilla against "gcalctool".

Rich Burridge                       Email: rich burridge Sun COM
Sun Microsystems Inc. (MPK29-202),  Phone: +1.650.786.5188
4150 Network Circle,                AIM/YAHOO: RicBurridge
Santa Clara, CA 95054               WWW:

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