Hardware Monitor applet v. 0.1 released


The world is changing. Nothing is like it was before; even this moment
is already passing by. Our only remaining meaningful task is to sit in
our corner, monitoring the changes as they pass by.

The Hardware Monitor applet can help you here. Originally created
years ago by a frustrated young man who was annoyed by the limitations
of the monitor applet of the panel of that time, it has now undergone
a renaissance leading to this public exposure.


  - monitor CPU/memory/swap/disk usage, load average, Ethernet/modem

  - a curve view which supports an unlimited amount of monitors

  - a bar view for the traditional horizontal bars

  - a text view for those who wants extreme precision

  - a modular design for future enhancements (flame view coming soon!)

  - well-behaved GNOME panel applet (no floating gkrellm-windows)

Version 0.1 can be downloaded from here:


Screenshots are also available from the above page. The applet
requires Gnome 2.0 and the gtkmm and gnomemm libraries from
www.gtkmm.org - libgnomeuimm-1.3.11 is currently fine and has fewer

Known bugs: most notably editing the preferences will sometimes crash
the applet. This is due to a memory corruption bug in gconfmm which is
corrected in the CVS (a new version is due soon). Just answer yes when
you're asked if you want to add the applet again.

Also, you can't change the font of the text view yet.

Ole Laursen

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