ANNOUNCE: Gazpacho 0.3.0

I am pleased to announce version 0.3.0 of Gazpacho, a GUI builder for
the GTK+ library.

What's new since 0.2.1?

  - UI Manager editor support (You can edit menubar and toolbars)
  - Main script changes so you can run it without installing it
  - Support for gladewin GTK+ 2.4 runtime in Windows.
  - Tons of bug fixes

What's new since 0.2.0?

  - Just bug fixes

What's new since 0.1.0?

  - Undo/Redo system
  - Improved save/load of projects
  - Split to put everything as a python module except for a little
    script which loads everything else
  - Support for non GTK+ widgets (e.g. GruWidgets)
  - Tons of bug fixes

This program allows you to create the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of
your GTK+ program in a visual way. It was started as a Glade-3 clone but
now it does something more (and something less) than Glade-3. It is
(almost) compatible with libglade and it's on its early stages of

Gazpacho is part of the Gruppy framework but is not dependent of any
part of it so you can use it by its own.

You can see screenshots of Gazpacho at:

Or you can download it at:

If you have any enhacements or bug reports, please fill them in Mantis

Please select the project name Gazpacho once you are logged in in Mantis

There is a mailing list for Gazpacho. You can subscribe to it through
the web interface at:

License Information:
This software is covered by the GNU General Public Licence
(version 2.1, or if you choose, a later version).

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez

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