ANNOUNCE: Muine 0.6.2

Muine is a new music player using some new UI ideas. The idea is that it
will be much easier and comfortable to use than the iTunes model, which
is used by both Rhythmbox and Jamboree. 


This release works with mono beta 2.


- Works with Mono Beta 2 [Fernando Herrera, Peter Johanson, Jorn Baayen]
- Plays files with unusual characters properly [Lee Willis]
- DnD'ing folders to the playlist window imports them [iain, Jorn Baayen]
- Album matching has been made case insensitive [Jorn Baayen]
- Support non-ASCII filenames in cover image DnD [Jorn Baayen]
- Code cleanups [Edd Dumbill, Jorn Baayen]

Updated translations:
- Brazilian Portuguese [Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira]
- British English [Gareth Owen]
- Canadian English [Adam Weinberger]
- Czech [Miloslav Trmac]
- Dutch [Tino Meinen]
- Hungarian [Andras Timar]
- Spanish [Francisco Javier F. Serrador]
- Swedish [Christian Rose]
- Polish [GNOME PL Team]
- Portuguese [Duarte Loreto]




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