ANNOUNCE: gcalctool - v4.4.8




gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it uses multiple
precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree of accuracy.

This release is because I haven't done one since the GNOME 2.6 FINAL call 
for tarballs.

[Note that gcalctool now requires the Gtk+ that comes with GNOME 2.6 or 
 later in order to build].

Changes since the last version (4.3.51).

  * Adjusted the creation of the menubar and Accuracy and Left/Right 
    shift menus from GtkItemFactory to GtkUIManager.

    With this change, the -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flag can now be
    added back into .../gcalctool/gcalctool/

  * Added "gu" (Gujarati) to ALL_LINGUAS.
  * Added "tk" to ALL_LINGUAS.

  * Fixed bug #142824. gcalctool now correctly recognizes the localized 
    decimal point character by explicitly checking to see if the keyboard 
    event keyval matches what's returned by localeconv()->decimal_point.

  * Fixed bug #129397. Use GtkIconTheme to load gcalctool icon instead 
     of built-in image.

  * Fixed bug #142888. gcalctool is now connected to the "die" signal so 
    that it can be successfully terminated when removed from 

  * The "Bsp" (Backspace) button has been relabeled "Bksp" to make it
    more understandable. The gcalctool man pages have been updated to
    reflect this change. The online help will be updated at GNOME 2.8
    release time (see bug #138367).

  * Replacement of #include for malloc.h with stdlib.h for Darwin.

  * Fixed bug #134376. Adjustements to allow screen readers to better
    handle single numeric input.

  * Fixed bug #138106. If the "Error" message is being displayed, it is 
    now no longer incorrectly displayed as "Er,ror" if the "Show 
    Thousands Separator" is on.

  * Fixed bug #135068. Adjusted several default constant descriptions 
    to be more understandable.

  * Fixed bug #135065. Tooltips for OR, AND, NOT, XOR and XNOR have 
    been changed from "Logical <whatever>" to "Bitwise <whatever>".

  * Fixed bug #136872.  gcalctool can now be built with 

My thanks to:

  Balamurali Viswanathan
  Christian Rose
  Dan Winship
  Guntupalli Karunakar
  Hidetoshi Tajima
  Michael Terry
  Owen Taylor
  Padraig O'Briain
  Ron Jenkins
  Stanislav Brabec

for their help with these various changes/fixes.


    [Although some of the ftp mirrors may take a little while to sync].

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