Librcoco 0.6.0 "Crashing software keeps us away from freedom zero"


The version 0.6.0 of Libcroco, the GNOME Cascading Style Sheet parsing and manipulation C library, is out.

Starting from this release on, several different minor versions of Libcroco can
be installed on the same box. Releases of the same minor version number will be
upward API/ABI compatible.

Please, find below the summary of the changes pushed in the release.




0.6.0: June 9, 2004

     Enhancements since 0.5.1

     - add parsing location to all the CSS constructions at SAC level [Dodji Seketeli]
     - add --dump-location option to csslint [Dodji Seketeli]
     - enable several API/ABI incompatible versions of Libcroco to be
     installed on the same box [Dodji Seketeli]
     - CSS properties inheritance support [Benjamin Dauvergne]
     - CRStyle struct gathering code cleanup [Benjamin Dauvergne]     
     - Better support for font selection [Dodji Seketeli]

     Bug fixes since 0.5.1
     - #143308: fix parsing of non trivial functional #notations. [Dodji Seketeli]
     - #143450: fix gcc 2.xx errors. [Dodji Seketeli]
     - #139881: proper setting of parsing locations in urls. [Dodji Seketeli]
     - #138267: remove C99-isms.
     - #139889: fix an infinite loop in the parser [Dodji Seketeli]
     - #139891: better @media rule reporting [Dodji Seketeli]
     - #140317: fix class sel without class name crash [Dodji Seketeli]
     - #140334: fix an infinite loop in the parser [Dodji Seketeli]
     - attribute selectors evaluation fixes. [Dodji Seketeli]     
     - Better support of descendant selectors evaluation [Dodji Seketeli]
     - Better regression tests framework [Dodji Seketeli]


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