Alexandria 0.2.0


I'm proud to announce that Alexandria 0.2.0 has just been released.

Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book

You can get more information (screenshots, features, download links,
packages...) on its web site:

New features:

 * full i18n support ;
 * a preferences dialog has been created, to configure the application
   and the providers ;
 * preferences are saved and restored using a GConf backend ;
 * notes can be associated with books ;
 * books can be rated ;
 * books icons can be sorted ;
 * the user interface has been improved to be more usable and

Bugs fixed:

 * fixed some UTF-8 encoding problems in data from Amazon ;
 * allow "-" characters in ISBNs ;
 * allow more characters in library names ;
 * display a default cover icon for a book which cover is not 
   available ;
 * the treeview is now sortable with UTF-8 data ;
 * the 'clicked' signal is used instead of 'pressed' for Gtk::Button 
   widgets ;
 * when the current selected library is renamed the title of the
   application is accordingly renamed.
 * a lot of code has been refactored.

Added translations:

 * Dafydd Harries (cy) ;
 * Laurent Sansonetti (fr) ;
 * Masao Mutoh (ja).



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