ANNOUNCE: GNOME CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor 0.2


GNOME CPUFreq Applet 0.2


GNOME CPUFreq Applet is a CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor for GNOME Panel


   * Support for proc or sys filesystems
   * Support for multiprocessor systems


   * GNOME 2 libraries
   * GNOME Panel libraries
   * GNOME-VFS libraries
   * GConf

Overview of Changes in GNOME CPUFreq Applet 0.2

   * New display modes: Graphic, Text and Both (Carlos García)
   * Ported to gtk+ 2.4 (Carlos García)
   * Improved the behaviour of the applet when the panel is resized
(Carlos García)
   * Added support for panel backgrounds changes (Carlos García)

Tarballs can be downloaded from

GNOME CPUFreq Applet is currently being packaged as part of Debian
Other Binaries


Bugs can be reported to
   carlosgc gnome org

Suggestions, patches, comments, etc can be sent to
   carlosgc gnome org

GNOME Software Map entry

 Carlos Garcia Campos a.k.a. KaL
   elkalmail yahoo es
   carlosgc gnome org
 Grupo Linups
   Usuarios de SL/Linux de la UPSAM
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