ANNOUNCE: gnome-bluetooth 0.5.1 & libbtctl 0.4.1 development releases

Headline news: prettier UI for the OBEX file sharing, and a couple of
changes needed to support the upcoming Phone Manager release.

gnome-bluetooth is a suite of tools for managing Bluetooth devices and
sending/receiving data under the GNOME desktop.

libbtctl is a GObject-based library for the Bluetooth and OBEX
operations on Linux.  It comes with Python and Mono language bindings.

These releases are development releases, and should be considered
unstable.  They incorporate a large amount rewriting of underlying
libraries for improved reliability and API usability.  Little extra
functionality is offered over the previous release.

More details are available at

Screenshots are available at

Tarballs are available at

Debian packages (against Debian sid) are available at

Mailing list is available at

Changes in this release:

libbtctl 0.4.1

This release supports new features in gnome-bluetooth 0.5.1.

 * BtctlObex: now can advise of connections and disconnections.
 * BtctlController: new external method to request name.

gnome-bluetooth 0.5.1

 * gnome-obex-server: Ask user what to do with received files, displaying
   nice little box with file details.  Also displays proper name of a
   connecting device.

 * libgnomebt: Now includes pkg-config file so libgnomebt can be used by other

-- Edd

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