ANNOUNCE: GNOME Phone Manager 0.3 development release

Phone Manager allows you to send and receive text (SMS) messages from
the desktop, connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, serial or

It's finally here!  A version of Phone Manager that works with the
latest gnome-bluetooth code.  This release is feature-wise exactly the
same as the 0.2 release, but more or less completely rewritten
underneath.  The user interface is a bit rough, in particular.

More details are available at

Screenshots are available at

Tarballs are available at

Debian packages (against Debian sid) are available at

Mailing list is available at

Changes in this release:

gnome-phone-manager 0.3

 * More or less 100% rewritten to use the new gnome-bluetooth framework,
   no feature difference from previous release.

 * Restricted use of C++ to the GSM mobile phone communication code.
   Nothing personal against C++, I was just fed up of Debian not tracking
   the libgnome*mm libraries well.

-- Edd

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