ANNOUNCE: Hydrogen 1.0 [First Release]

Hydrogen is onboard today.

Hydrogen is the Evolution connector for Sun Java Enterprise System
Calendar Server (SJESCS). It enables Evolution to use SJESCS as a
calendar backend.

Hydrogen supports SJESCS 5.1 and above. It supports the WCAP (Web
Calendar Access Protocol) 2.0 and 3.0 protocols.

Hydrogen works with Evolution 1.4. Next step is to make it work with
Evolution trunk.

The CVS base is in the GNOME project CVS base at The
module name is 'hydrogen'. See

This product is available under the terms of the GNU LIBRARY GENERAL
PUBLIC LICENSE, and a copy of it should be found in the source under the

This work is sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

Enjoy and have fun.

Henry Jia

Sun China Engineering & Research Institute

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